Wine club in Langeskov had 6 digit turnover with Click & Collect function

In SuperBrugsen Langeskov, Kim Ernstsen has used Quick Info to create a wine club with Click & Collect as it is popularly called.

He has good experience in using SMS to send individual good offers to the wine club.

Included in the SMS is a link to his web app, which is regularly updated with a few – but good – bottles to be sold immediately.

“It gives us more visibility. It’s easier for customers to decide whether they want a good rum, for example, when they can sit on the sofa and read a bit about it before they buy it. It’s more difficult when you stands in the shop and sees it among 100 other different kinds of spirits”, says Kim Ernstsen.

In 11 months, he has turned over on the good side of half a million, just on the Click & Collect function in the wine club.

On the Click & Collect offers, it usually operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

“People are good at catching it, and that’s why we sell a lot of items on Click & Collect offers”, says Kim Ernstsen in Langeskov.

Most customer club members know well that the strong offers sell out quickly. That’s why it’s time to strike as soon as the SMS rolls in. And it couldn’t be easier when you have it all on your phone.

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