The simplicity of handling customer complaints

Our system lets you send SMS coupons directly to customers’ phones. This quick and easy solution lets you offer instant compensation, keeping them happy and loyal.

Simple functionality
Just phone number is required

Customisable design
Use design that reflects brand

Scam prevention
Automatic scam alerts keep you protetected

Customer satisfaction soared with compensation system



2023 & 2024


Compensated value

2023 & 2024


Coupons issued

2023 & 2024

All Features

How does it work?

Create a coupon

Add the customer’s mobile number, the coupon value, and any other details you want.

Block numbers

The system will automatically notify You in suspicion of a scam.

The customers will redeem

In the SMS received, there is a unique link with a coupon to use the coupon for the next purchase.

Use statistics

Analyze the trends and take informed steps for building your next campaign.

Block numbers

The system will automatically notify You in suspicion of a scam.

All Features

What does it include?

Coupon system

Add a phone number, a value, and customizable details for easier analysis.


See key numbers instantly or analyze details in seconds.

Safety review

In case a phone number receives too many coupons, the system will notify you about the amount that the customer had.

Customer stories

What do our clients say?

Members buy 31% more than new customers

Super effective with SMS that is seen by 98%

Free demo

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Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from the compensation system?

If you prioritise customer experience, this solution is for you. Our innovative compensation system empowers businesses like yours to address customer concerns effectively, fostering long-term loyalty. It provides a quick and flexible way to resolve issues and show customers you care.

What does spam prevention mean in the customer compensation system?

We want to ensure our compensation system is fair and helpful for everyone. Spam prevention helps us stop customers from abusing the system by repeatedly submitting complaints to get rewards.

Here's how it works:

  • If the system detects a pattern of frequent complaints from the same phone number, it will notify the store before sending a new coupon.
  • The store can then review the customer's history and decide whether to:
    • Approve the compensation and send the coupon.
    • Block the phone number from receiving further coupons.

What do I need to use the compensation system?

To use our compensation system, you'll need a device to access the system. This could be your POS system, computer, or tablet with an internet connection.

How can I customize the compensation system?

While we offer a standardized framework for compensation, you have the flexibility to:

  • Tailor compensation amounts: This gives you access to predefine the selectable values of the coupons to send out to customers.
  • Customize compensation reasons: You can add predefined reasons to reflect the specific issues and customer complaints, to understand customer concerns from the data.

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