Customer club Universe that converts more

Get more returning customers and increase their value with tools like gamification, loyalty program and SMS.

Via our app, you can send out smart links with an unimaginably high opening rate and get your messages seen by customers who love your product.

Direct marketing campaigns with local focus

Customer engagement
Building a personal connection with customers

Delivers maximum potential with minimal maintenance

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How does it work?

Sign up members in the store

Collect phone numbers from customers at checkout with POS integration


Sign up via Social media

Offer a seamless self-signup process for new followers.

Customer club gathers all data
Welcome to Customer club Universe

Users unlock their own personalized world of features, with everything they need at their fingertips.

All Features

What does it include?


A booklet offers a variety of features through its main and sub-menu items. These items can perform various actions, including navigating directly to external websites, playing embedded videos within the booklet, and launching pop-up webpages for a more interactive experience.

Stamp card

Choose between 5 or 10 stamps needed for a reward, and customize the value each "stamp" represents to perfectly match your business goals. The vouchers customers receive are all collected in the booklet universe, next to the stamp card. The platform to assign stamps can easily be integrated into all cashiers.

SMS Campaigns

Send targeted SMS campaigns with clickable links that deep-dive directly into specific content within your digital booklet.

POS, CRM integration

Our system integrates seamlessly with your existing POS system, allowing stores to effortlessly award stamps with purchases. Additionally, member details can be integrated with your CRM system.


Our comprehensive statistics track performance of club members.

VIP Club

Create an exclusive VIP club with invitation-only membership. Businesses can personally add members' relevant details for a more personalized experience.


These offers can be used once to unlock rewards within the digital booklet. You can set expiry dates or schedule them for future promotions.

Local offers

Stores can personalize the experience with unique offers in this section shared in the booklet universe. They can also send targeted SMS campaigns with a link to their special offers.

Mobiweb pages

Think of these as interactive mini-websites within your booklet. Mobiweb pages can showcase engaging content like videos, images, or links to external webpages. Visuals of the pages are easily editable within the platform.

Home Screen Icon

Members can easily add a shortcut to their phone's home screen for instant access to your booklet universe.

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What do our clients say about Customer club?

Members buy 31% more than new customers

Super effective with SMS that is seen by 98%

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Frequently asked questions

What do you get in Quick Info Customer club solution?

Overall it can be divided into three parts:

  • Your digital universe in the form of web-app
  • Loyalty program that can be made as an electronic clip card, collectables or however you want it
  • Access to our app with SMS sender and where you easily manage the customer club; adds members and sends out offers

    Your customer universe functions as a digital benefit booklet - a full toolbox with functions such as scratch cards, click & collect, vouchers, video, competitions and offers. This is also where your loyalty program lives. 

    You can also connect our system via API to your website and gather members that way.

How much does it cost?

Can you put a price on loyalty-building marketing? Of course you can.

But where we have operated with fixed price levels before, we have had to admit that no two customers are the same. That is why we have dropped the gold/silver/bronze model.

You are very welcome to have a non-binding chat with Kenneth about whether a customer club is for you and which of our tools can help you.

Do you have to be technically proficient?

We set up the system for you and help you get started. 


Equipped with our app, you can make offers and news as easily as making a post on Facebook or an advertisement on dba.dk.


In addition, we show you how you can gather members super easily via email, website or Facebook. And of course also physically in your store.


No one is left behind. We follow up on our customers and also have a "school" where we constantly try to inspire and learn how to use the system.

Is my product suitable for a customer club?

The short answer is: Yes.

Items with really low sales frequency, e.g. houses or private jets, probably do not benefit from a loyalty program where you save up collectibles for each purchase. But there is always a reason to look after existing customers and perhaps spoil them with relevant goodies and tips.


We have everything from leasing companies and large fast food chains to charity events and hot dog vans in the customer file.


So it is not only sellers of obvious consumer goods, such as clothes, coffee and wine who are obvious for customer clubs.


It's really about offering something unique and "more" to create returning customers. 


Do you know e.g. GoodieBox? They themselves believe that they deliver an experience and not just subscription cosmetics. In the same way, your club members should feel that every time you send them an SMS, it's like Christmas Eve! 


That way, you raise your brand above the crowd - aka the competition.

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