If your map is pinned like this, multi-level management system is for you

Share, manage and schedule content in a multi-level management system. Prepare templates for stores to personalize, or share content for selected stores.

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How does it work?

HQ Admin

Create, maintain and distribute ready-to-use marketing templates to all the stores or straight to their audience.

Analyze and plan

Track store and campaign performance with easy-to-use stats. Plan future content based on what works best.

Push content

Publish or schedule content across channels in one go, for a single store or all of them.

Your selection of stores

Empower stores to craft and share content tailored to local audiences using HQ templates or original designs.

All Features

What does it include?

Template providing

Develop and distribute HQ-created templates for easy use by stores.


See key numbers instantly or analyze details in seconds.

Organize offers

Personalize your offer list for maximum impact and gain instant access to valuable insights.

Multichannel marketing

Effortlessly reach your audience across channels. Manage mobile marketing, social media, email, and app feeds from one central hub.

Consistent brand identity

Empower sub-stores with consistent, on-brand content for a powerful brand presence.

Customer stories

What do our clients say?

Members buy 31% more than new customers

Super effective with SMS that is seen by 98%

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Frequently asked questions

What makes our Social selling campaing special from normal Facebook post?

JA TAK campaign lets you create a Facebook post where you have the opportunity to sell your products without any hassle.

Whenever you create a JA TAK campaign, you don't have to worry about these 2 following things:

  • Respond to your customers after they order. Robot will automatically respond within seconds of the customer placing an order by commenting on your post.
  • Keep track of orders and inventory. The robot knows how much you have in stock. It will create an overview of customers and respond to a customer based on that.
How much does it cost?

Can you put a price on loyalty-building marketing? Of course you can.

But where we have operated with fixed price levels before, we have had to admit that no two customers are the same. That is why we have dropped the gold/silver/bronze model.

You are very welcome to have a non-binding chat with Kenneth about whether Social selling is for you and which of our tools can help you.

Can I create unlimited number of campaigns?

Yes you can. Once you become our valued customer, you can be sure that no further payments are required.

What do I need to get started?

All that's required to kick-start your campaign is a dedicated Facebook page for your business and a phone number to receive notifications about orders with manual approval.

Do you have any transaction fees?

You will not encounter any transaction fees with us. The price you set for an item is exactly what the customer pays upon collection. There are no surprises or extra costs – just a straightforward and honest purchasing process.

Do I get free support?

You are of course welcome to contact us at any time on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00 on +45 22 14 54 56 – your call is on us!

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