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Søren made 42 orders in one hour in his webshop

The advantage of a customer club is that you have a loyal crowd of potential buyers who have actively chosen to receive offers from you.

Søren Nielsen from KiDS Coolshop in Horsens took advantage of this by sending SMS with a mini-discount campaign, which led customers from his app and directly into his webshop.

“The advantage of SMS versus email is that so many people actually see your messages. And that they read them quite quickly after sending,” says owner Søren Nielsen.

“Already an hour after launch we had 42 new orders, which would be completely unheard of on traditional email”

‍SMS is seen by up to 98%, email only around 20% on average. One of the reasons is i.a. that a normal Dane is bombarded with emails, while we only get an SMS once in a while.

When you have to think quickly

In 2020 there were strict restrictions during Black Friday.

“We chose to create vouchers with a 20% discount in the customer club app, which lasted the whole of November instead of just one day. It was a great success.”

However, on Black Friday itself, the owner of Kids Coolshop still chose to have the traditional bang-up offers.

“However, I became a bit worried about whether certain customers would feel unsafe standing in a queue at a shop. So we made a deal in collaboration with the cafe next door for 1 free cup of hot drink for members of the customer club. “

Søren could easily manage this by creating a voucher in the app, so that they had a better overview of who was actually a customer of his.

That same day in the morning, Søren sent an SMS with information about Kids Coolshop’s Black Friday offer, plus the extra carrot that you could shop safely and at the same time kill the waiting time with a cup of coffee or cocoa.

“With SMS you get one step closer to your customers compared to social media and email. Virtually everyone in the customer club has responded to a message within about 3 hours”, concludes Søren Nielsen.

Photos from Horsens Folkeblad. Archive photo: Morten Pape

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